It is not a secret to anyone that a knowledge of several foreign languages in a modern society is a direct indicator of a person’s education and literacy. And this is without regard for the cases when a foreign language becomes a complete necessity: for example, for a more top-paying job placement or in the case of migration to another linguistic environment. Commonly this becomes a difficult task. However, the method used in our application will help you and greatly simplify this problem solving.

Multilang is an application that really simplifies learning of foreign words with flashcards. You can find a list of available languages on our website. They include mainly the most in-demand and popular languages in the world. Our purpose is to enable the user to speak in a foreign language in the shortest possible time by providing a high quality content with the most frequently used words and phrases allowing the users to increase their basic vocabulary.

Multilang involves many dictionaries translated into different languages, which allows you to study several foreign languages at the same time. After installing the application on your device you can learn the language wherever and whenever you want, constantly training your memory. The flashcards contain a translation and an example of using a word depending on the context. We fairly worked on these examples. We used as a basis only the most probable life moments that could be applied in conversational practice. Also, you can listen to the correct pronouncing of the word. This will allow you not only to speak, but also to memorize by ear correctly, thereby to understand the partner. We hope that a simple and easy-to-use application will interest not only you, but also your child.


There is a unique repetition technique in the application. The basis is the method discovered based on the Hermann Ebbingauz’s experiment as far back as 1885. Its name is “Forgetting curve”. The link to the article on this experiment: This method helps you to fix 400% more information in memory than with the traditional conception of learning. The point is that the words learned are repeated in the right sequence. In the data on the experiment from Wikipedia it is described as follows: if there are two days, then the first repetition is immediately after the reading; the second repetition - 20 minutes after the first repetition; the third repetition - 8 hours after the second repetition; the fourth repetition - 24 hours after the third repetitiom. If you need to remember for a very long time, than the first repetition is immediately after the reading; the second repetition - 20-30 minutes after the first repetition; the third repetition - 1 day after the second repetition; the fourth repetition - 2-3 weeks after the third repetition; the fifth repetition - 2-3 months after the fourth repetition.


In the application you can see the statistics of the learned words and compare your progress over the week, the day or the month.


You are awarded with points for achievements for the study of each of the next dictionary. You can share in results with friends in social media. So, learning becomes more interesting.

Our team

Multilang team consists of people from different countries around the world - because the best translation quality for a foreign language learning can be found only in the native country of this language. The content for the application has been developed and will be develop by professional teachers, linguists and native speakers. Let the time spent with a mobile device or computer become more productive - install the Multilang application and start learning a foreign language right now.